History through LEGO

Medieval history is undeniably awesome. Bloody battles, deposed kings, crusading knights, powerful matriarchs, and righteous warriors. But now—history is adorable too. 


Through the improbable pairing of LEGO artists and world-renowned scholars, Medieval LEGO takes the reader on a miniature quest through medieval England. Author Greyson Beights brings together this unlikely team to depict the era of dire warfare, strategic marriage, endless intrigue, terrible famine, and deadly plague.


From the Norman Conquest to the Battle of Bosworth Field, each historical event is immortalized in a LEGO tableau and concisely explained by a world-class historian. Professor Ralph Griffiths chronicles the Wars of the Roses; Professor Stephen Knight discusses the folklore of Robin Hood; Professor Robert Bartlett describes the kidnapping and ransom of King Richard the Lionheart; and Dr. Anne Lawrence-Mathers muses on Matthew Paris, the monk who spoke his mind.


Medieval LEGO is a must-have for all LEGO fans. But it’s perfect reading for anyone who wants to know more about this truly epic age,” says No Starch Press founder Bill Pollock.


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